Bub’s Delight was passionately founded by two French chefs Julien Audibert and Stephane Giono who recognised a need for fresh, organic food for babies in a market unfortunately flooded with ‘quick fix’ meals containing chemicals and nasties.

The idea that we feed our babies food that we ourselves wouldn’t eat was a light bulb moment for the pair and they decided to do something about it!

With an extensive background in the culinary arts, Julien and Stephane decided to use their knowledge of fine dining cuisine to create gourmet baby food cooked with such precision and skill that the end result is more than just a home cooked meal. Bub’s Delight is a passion project, where both chefs are dedicated to making their food not only tasty but 100% healthy and organic.

After carefully selecting fine organic products from local farmers, Bub’s Delight make everything from scratch in order to create healthy and nutritional food for your little ones. All of our delicious meals are approved by our nutritionist Colleen Grassnick and contain all the good stuff! Bub’s Delight is cooked meticulously, you will find no refined sugar or bad oils. If the recipe calls for a tomato sauce, you can trust we will make the sauce from scratch using fresh tomatoes and nothing of the canned variety.

We have a zero tolerance for additives, preservatives and chemicals.
For more convenience, Bub’s Delight can be ordered online and delivered to your door.

Try Bub’s Delight today, save time & give your baby what they truly deserve

Bub’s Delight is a life saver for busy parents!

Meet Colleen Grassnick, naturopath and nutritionist

Colleen, is a naturopath specialising in nutrition. Inspired by, and excited about the menu of Bub’s Delight, she has carefully evaluated each recipe with our chefs and has helped create meals that are high in nutritional value as well as flavours. Read more


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I won your prize pack a few months back. It has been such a wonderful gift, my bub loved them so much and it made life so much easier whe starting solids. I too think they taste delicious; thanks for making a great product. 😉


I am so relieved to know that now I can buy healthy and tasty baby’s food from a trusted brand. Until then, I was cooking every single meal myself but as soon as my daughter started daycare, it was much more complicated and needed more organisation. Bub’s Delight changed my life and made things so much easier. And more important and pricerless is that my daughter loves it!!

Emilie Labrousse-Saulnier

My partner went away for a week, and I really struggled to find time to go shopping and cook for my daughter Amy. Having the freezer full of Bub’s Delight was such a relief!! Amy loves all dishes + as parents we know it’s healthy and nutritious. Thank you Bub’s Delight Team, great work!!!

Luke Supre

I have to say the idea is great, the food is delicious and both my 1 year old and 2 year old love it. No more packaged food for them, bub’s delight is just as easy and obviously much better for them. It’s soo good to know I can feed my kids great food even when I don’t have the time to be cooking. I have already placed my second order!!! 😉

Sarah Taylor

I just wanted to let you know that my niece LOVES your food. My sister sent me a photo yesterday after she had the pumpkin puree and said it is the most puree she has ever eaten. She also loves the apple one too 🙂
Great result!!!

Zanna MunroNutritionist