The main reason to buy Bub’s Delight is that our baby food is so rich in nutritional value, designed specifically to support optimal development of your baby throughout their different stages of growth. What you get is the very best organic vegetables, fruits, meats and fish available.

We take pride in working with excellent local and organic producers only.

As parents, you should know exactly what your baby is eating and where it is coming from, that’s why our labels are so clear and transparent.
No hidden nasties here.


We understand that there is so much to do when you are a mum, it’s not easy!

Bub’s Delight is distributed by selected health stores and specialised shops around Sydney but can also be delivered to your door. Simply click on the “order online” button and place your order. We’ll come to you!


  • Meal planning, preparation and cooking
  • Trips to the shop, queuing, carrying & unpacking
  • running around and constant stress related

Say HELLO to:

“A lot more quality time
with your baby!!!”


Most baby foods sold in Australia (nearly all of them) contain additives and chemicals: But not Bub’s Delight!

How do we do it?

  1. We use a Thermomix in order to control the precise temperature and cooking times so that enzymes are not destroyed and oils aren’t converted into dangerous fats.
  2. All meals are prepared in small batches and immediately frozen (using snap freeze technology) to retain their freshness and nutritional value without the addition of ANY preservatives.
  3. We always use purified water.
  4. All meals are served in BPA free containers (which is currently banned in Europe in baby food containers, not in Australia), and are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.
    Products can be stored in a freezer for up to 6 months without use of preservatives.


Discovering different flavours can be fun for you and your baby to do together.

The experiences we have with tastes and smells as babies remain with us and influence our dietary decisions into our adult life. We are never too young to enjoy eating.

As chefs, we love experimenting with flavours and textures, to find combinations that create delicious and enjoyable meals. Our advanced snap-freezing technology is important for maintaining flavour and nutritional integrity.