Is organic baby food just a fad?

Is organic baby food just a fad?

A fad is something that is intense and widely shared. It is commonly short-lived or can be regarded as a craze. Some examples of fads are 80’s style perms or beanie babies. When it comes to food, fads tend to come and go as well. Microwave dinners became popular in the fifties and were designed as the original TV dinner. In the 90’s the low-fat craze took over which ended up causing a lot of damage due to incorrect information that was shared around the world. There are even well-known fasting fads such as the grapefruit diet, or the master cleanse, both of which are restrictive and not sustainable long-term.

Because of these less than healthy food crazes, people have rightfully become a little suspicious when a new food style becomes popular. These days, it is not uncommon to speak to someone who is a raw foodie, who partakes in the Paleo diet, or who goes crazy over Bulletproof coffee. It is also common to see the word “organic” pop-up everywhere. Organic means that the food at hand has not been sprayed with any chemicals or pesticides. For example, purchasing organic beef means that the cow has only eaten foods that are free from pesticides. There are many different health claims out there in regards to this type of eating, and so this has left many parents wondering if they should be feeding their young one’s organic baby food, or is this just another fad? This article will explore further.

How to know if something is a fad or not

In order for parents to decide on if they should be using organic baby food or not, they need to first establish if they believe it is a fad or not. Usually a craze is something that is short lived and this is because the trend is not a sustainable one. It is also usually something that makes wild promises about how it can change someone’s life. This isn’t the case with eating pesticide-free options. Choosing organic baby food is more an insurance policy. As we are all exposed to a great amounts of toxins each day, it only makes sense to try to reduce that toxic load as much as we possibly can. This can be done with gentle and non-dangerous detoxing methods such as dry-body brushing, or it can also be achieved by choosing pesticide-free nourishment. Another reason why it is not a fad is because all it is really doing is returning us to the way we used to eat. Before mass farming came along, all foods were natural and there was no need to use any types of dangerous chemicals on crops.

Nowadays, many who grow crops want to make as much money as possible and so will use any method they can to achieve more growth. Having said this, there are more and more farmers out there that realise that the general population want to eat natural foods and that they don’t want to have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Because of this, organic baby foods are becoming more and more popular. This popularity has occurred as more parents have become educated about the general benefits, not because of wild health claims.

Organic baby food doesn’t have to expensive or hard

It is also common for a trend to be overly expensive and to be really hard to commit to. It is our goal here at Bub’s delight to ensure that this isn’t the case. Mums and dads are already busy enough so we don’t want them to have to stress about trying to find someone that sells natural options, pay through the nose for it, and then have to spend the time cooking it for their young ones. We instead use special snap-freeze technology which allows the nutrients in the food to stay intact and will also give parents an easy option to nourish their children with.

Furthermore, with great prices and cheap postage rates, we ensure that every parent can access our wonderful meals so that all children get to experience the benefits of natural eating. We never promise the world when it comes to our meals, but we do promise less shopping, less cooking, and less stress when it comes to feeding your young ones. Our options are dairy free, gluten free, and BPA free making our foods some of the safest in the Sydney and surrounding areas. At the end of the day, eating organic isn’t a fad, it is simply returning to the way that things should be.

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