Why do we choose to use organic meat and poultry?

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A lot of people ask why we choose to use organic meat and poultry in all of our dishes. Is It because of the richness in flavour? Yes! Are their significant health benefits? Yes! Does it support environmentally friendly Australian farming? Yes! But even more importantly, organic meat is free of antibiotics, added hormones, and other drugs. The animals are raised in a healthier environment, fed organic feed, and often eat a wider range of nutrients than those raised in factory farms.
So you can be sure none of these chemicals or added hormones are being passed on to you or your family.
Cooked correctly and at the right temperature, organic meat is super rich in nutrients and actually has gut healing properties.
We choose to use Cleavers Organic Meats in Neutral Bay as their produce is sourced from a network of ecologically sustainable Australian farms that allow their animals to graze freely and live as nature intended. The animals must live on free-range pastures and consume organic feed, which is their natural diet. They only handle organic produce so they can guarantee the authenticity of their product from paddock to plate. Using organic meats provides you with the reassurance you’re feeding the family the very best nutritional food, free of any unpleasant preservatives.
This type of care in farming and producing food is exactly what Bub’s Delight is all about. Happy, healthy and organic

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